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UK APD Changes - What Bizjet Operators must know?

UK APD banding reform

We are just 1 week away from coming into effect of the latest amendment of UK APD. FCC Aviation gives you a brief overview of the most important UK APD changes.

From 1 April 2015, the following APD rules will change:


APD Banding Reform

Destination bands B, C and D will merge into a single band B reducing the number of destination bands from four to two. All countries and territories not assigned to band A will fall under band B. Click here to view all band A countries and territories.


APD Rate Changes

Not all aircraft operators will be affected in the same way. Small and mid-size business jets operating to destinations assigned to band A will continue to pay £26.00 per passenger. Flights to destinations in North America or UAE will occur a slightly higher APD of £142.00. Passengers traveling to former band C and D destinations, such as destinations in the Caribbean, China or Singapore, will be better off as a result of the banding reform. They also pay the new band B rate of £142.00. By contrast, bigger business jets (which authorized weight is greater than 20 tonnes or 44,000 lbs) will face steeper rates on both short and long-haul flights. The higher rate for band A destinations increases to £78.00. Passengers traveling to all other destinations but band A will be charged at £426.00. This corresponds to a 55 percent increase of APD due for passengers carried on board bigger business jets to destinations in North America or UAE.


APD Child Exemption

From 1 May 2015, the exemption of children under the age of two will be extended to children under the age of 12 and, in a second step, from 1 March 2016, to children under the age of 16.