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French Eco Tax

French Eco tax (also known in French as éco-taxe or éco-contribution) will be levied on passengers departing from a French airport starting from 1 January 2020.


What is French Eco Tax?

French transport minister Elisabeth Borne announced on 9 July 2019 that, staring from 1 January 2020, France is going to levy a new tax on passengers departing from French airfields, the so called Eco tax. We know already that in the first year the Eco Tax will cost aircraft operators between 1.50 € and 18.00 € per passenger depending on the class of travel and final destination. Passengers traveling to other EU member states will be taxed at 1.50 € (economy class) and 9.00 € (business class). The tax rate is twice as high for passengers traveling to destinations outside of the European Union. If you are a business jet operator, you will need to wait until more details are released because to this day it's still not clear whether the lower or higher tax rate (if any) applies.


Did you know?

French Eco Tax is not the first French aviation tax. In France, commercial aircraft operators are also subject to Civil Aviation Tax, Solidarity Tax, Airport Tax and Noise Tax. While the first three taxes apply to commercial operations only, the last one is also levied on private, non-commercial flights. The competent authority administering these four tax schemes is the French Civil Aviation Authority DGAC.


Who is liable for French Eco Tax?

Based on the French transport minister's announcement, we know that transfer passengers will be exempt, as well as passengers traveling from Mainland France to Corsica or French overseas territories. Besides, no other information is available. For instance, we still don't know whether the tax code will exempt aircraft below a certain MTOW (as this is the case in many other countries) or whether the Eco Tax is also levied on non-commercial, private flights.


Obligations under the French Eco Tax?

To this day, many of the details are still unknown. No information is available about reporting and payment requirements. The French Civil Aviation Authority DGAC is likely to administer the tax. This information has yet to be confirmed, however.